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Transcendental Creativity

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Build your narratives, know yourself and create your future with a transcendental methodology that includes Conscious Writing, Meditation, Digital Systems and all the tools for the heroic or magical journey that your personal story needs

Methodology that links the phases of the creative process, the cosmic energy and the archetypal journey, with exercises of transcendental writing, meditative yoga, self-inquiry so you can Build Your journey of the Hero (7 days) or the Wizard (21 days)

Workshops on transcendental topics like Happiness, How to reconstruct your reality, Working he 7 levels of the creative process with Interactive tools for each stage, Make your Eternity...

Videos, readings, online exercises with adaptative courses on transcendental topics. 
If you have a course and you want to publish it, the platform is open to all of us who want to build a better world by sharing with others what we know how to do. 

Creatividad Trascendental

We are all creative. Our methodology is to detonate creativity in order to understand how we build our identity and our past (memories and links). We are observers, narrators and protagonists of our history, let's learn to tell it and design the best futures in a narrative way.

Understanding the world, beyond what we see and what we build, allows us to reconstruct the space we inhabit, to understand who we are and what we want, allowing us to build an interpretation that defines and explains us.
We take from Schopenhauer the idea that the world is a representation, as developed by Plato and the Upanishads. We believe that identity and reality are subjective interpretations.

We believe in the transformative power of stories. We believe that when we tell each other life is understood from another perspective, the world is an interpretation and you are the narrator, the protagonist and the observer of your story.
We use immersion techniques such as meditation, yoga, walking through nature, linking energy and sublimating it so that when you start writing and creating, you are the one who takes control of your transcendental creativity.
Write.Create.Tell your life. Reconstruct your past. Order your memories. Disorder them. Rebuild your identity. Understand who you are. Understand what you want. Design your future.

Why recreate new realities if the one we inhabit is beyond us? As Mario Vargas Llosa explains in Historia de un deicidio: "I believe that the novelist is first and foremost someone who is dissatisfied with reality, a man who has a flawed relationship with the world, a man who for some reason, at a certain point in his life, has felt that a kind of disagreement, an incompatibility, was emerging between him and reality. If he were satisfied, if he felt reconciled with the world, if reality filled him, it is clear that he would not attempt this enterprise of creating new realities, of creating imaginary and fictitious realities".

Workshops Online

We build a learning platform for a digital world, where you decide which subjects to take and what you need to do to make your creative projects and your internal searches a reality.
Discover who you are, who you want to be, who is the narrator of your story, what is time, what is reality, how emotions are narrated, how I reach happiness, how to design my future, who I should be... Who am I and how do I interpret my reality?


Workshops and seminars in magical places like Tepoztlán in Mexico, at the foot of the hill where Quetzalcoátl, the divinity who links worlds, was born, a mountainous space with sacred time.
We build a place that allows you to focus your energy and diffuse it, to become a creator and the narrator of you.

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